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25 August 2013 @ 09:58 pm
[Daily] BBQ Party&Sandkerwa in Bamberg+Holi Festival in Ansbach  


On Wednesday night my colleagues picked me up and we had a BBQ. One of my colleagues owns a small shack in the mountains and the view from there was breath taking :) We had a great evening :)

[BBQ Pics]




Thursday night a big festival in Bamberg started: It's called Sandkerwa. It means that the whole city is drinking beer, eats all kind of yummy Franconian food and has a big blast and celebrats 5 days in a row.

[Sandkerwa Pics]






Today I went to a Holi festival in a "near" town called Ansbach.
My beloved flatmade used to live there so she asked me if I would like to join her an her friends.
I don't know if Holi festivals are popular outside from Germany but here a very short discripton:
It's an open air festival. Different DJs are playing awesone music and it feels like clubbing although it's during the day. You get some packs of different colored powder and you through this powder at your friends and in the air. In the end you look like us :D
Sounds nice and fun?
Yap, it was. But it rained all the time. And it was only 12°C. So we left after 1.5h again 'cause we were not that keen on catching a cold.
But it was definitely fun! I want to do it again! :)

Since it was literally raining cats and dogs we were not really able to take photos :(

[Holi Pics]

Gruppenbild holi

pulver holi

Yasi und ich - Holi

Yasi und ich - Holi

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so watch as I start to smile...gerbyl on August 30th, 2013 09:19 am (UTC)
Sorry I'm so late with commenting this time (i tried to LJ update, too, but just couldn't bring myself to do it until just now)

HOLI FESTIVAL!!!! We have that in Berlin every year as well. And outside of europe...well I think India is where it originates from, isn't it ?!! Anyway loved your pics especially the selfie at the end, you look so colorful, even though it rained, it looks like lots of fun!!

oh yeah and the view from that shack in the mounts is breathtaking indeed. Nice collegues you have there!!

Karinawagahaiwaneko on February 16th, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
Eeep, this is so great. BTW I'm heading to London this summer and hopefully to other European countries to visit family!!